When you transfer your prearrangement to Heritage Funeral Home, along with many other Jackson County and MS Gulf Coast families, you and your family will be assisted by local owners and staff every step of the way, serving you in your most needed time.

Heritage Funeral Home is locally owned and operated by people who live, work and worship in our local community.  We have been serving families across the Gulf Coast for ten years.  You can trust the Heritage Family will continue its commitment to serving Jackson County and the Gulf Coast for many generations to come.

Transferring your prearrangement to Heritage Funeral Home ensures that our staff will attend to all the details outlined in the prearrangement, with no additional expense to you  or loss of value to your plan. 

It is an honor to serve our families, and we consider it a privilege to assist you in the transferring process.  Please complete the information below, and one of our staff members will contact you as soon as possible to complete your paperwork.

Today’s Date:
Name of Insured/Covered Individual:
Date of Birth:
Next of Kin Name:
Next of Kin Phone:
Next of Kin Address:
Current Prearrangement with:
Prearrangement Insurance/Trust Company:
Date of Prearrangement Contract:
Balance Due on Contract:
Monthly Payment:
Do you have a copy of contract:

Please forward my prearrangement file to Heritage Funeral Home, Inc.

I hereby direct that my prearranged contract and/or insurance be transferred to Heritage Funeral Home, Inc.  and designate Heritage Funeral Home, Inc. as beneficiary of said contract and/or insurance.  This prearrangement transfer is at my direction and is of my will.  I have not been pressured in any way to make this transfer and have made this decision for myself and my family.

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